Central Bank Management Trainee Exam - Practice Kit

As you all aware, Applications are called for the post of Management Trainee in a prestigious institute  of Sri Lanka. The process will be very rigorous and the qualifications alone can't withstand the barriers. The first filter or the firewall is a Competitive examination conducted by the Department of Examinations. The exam, which is similar to any other competitive exam conducted for various government job openings such as Sri Lanka Customs, SLAS Consists of 3 tough to face question papers, viz.,

  • General Intelligence
  • Analytical Writing
  • General Knowledge

In our tutorials (or whatever the thing that we going to present to you as a series of blog posts) We are focusing on Two papers, i,e. General Intelligence and the Analytical writing. We have some secrets up our sleeves, particularly for the analytical writing. All the practice lessons are prepared by an experienced author who holds a Bachelors degree in Management and working in the banking sector. You may have heard of classes conducted by various persons to get you through this examination. Believe us, they won't pay you better off and we won't charge you a penny for this set of lessons. All yours. Keep updated and bookmark this page for upcoming lessons.

01. GK1 - Sri Lanka - Rankings in different indices
02. GK2 - Politics and Economics World - Part 1
03. GK3 - Politics and Economics Sri Lanka - Part 2

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