Good CV templates for University students

Every interview you gonna face reflects how good your Curriculum Vitae is. A good resume can always give you a chance to meet the employer that is the initial step of getting selected to a job.

(Or read the 2021 Version of undergraduate CV for Sri Lankans)

Curriculum Vitae is the first step of attracting an Employer and there are tons of guidelines available on CV writing. Almost every university job fair has its' own CV clinic. Even though there are so many advices and guides to local university students on CV writing, I found one thing is difficult to find on internet when I was preparing my first CV back then in 2015. A well formatted CV template in word format. is a very difficult thing to find on internet if you're preparing your Curriculum Vitae for the first time. 

Example CV formats Sri lankan Univerisity

A good CV should follow the outline given below (of course, this is not universal). You can arrange the contents in the order provided. You can post any doubts (such as, is it okay to put a photograph in my CV)  in comment if you need answers.

Personal Profile
Your name, Date of Birth, NIC (not mandatory), Address, E-mail and Telephone number.

Educational qualifications
University and Degree with GPA, A/L results and Z score, O/L Results (for science, mathematics and English)

Professional qualifications (Not having this one is better)
University and Degree with GPA, A/L results and Z score, O/L Results (for science, mathematics and English)

Work experience
The role and the organization with the period, achievements if any

Time management or Microsoft office, all the skills you've got

Hobbies / Extra ordinary activities (kidding, it should be Extra Curricular)
Sport activities, societies etc

A lecturer from your department, A former employee, (Don't forget to send them your CV)

Download a pre-written CV to customize according to your need from below links provided or read more on interview facing on How to shine at your interview

Resume Sample 1 : Information Technology Oriented

Resume Sample 2

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