Polictics and Economics - Sri Lanka (General Knowledge Questions Part 2)

Hello there, as I have promised, here's the next part of the general knowledge question series for Central Bank Management Trainee exams. If you've missed the previous one, you can find it in recent articles. If you don't have any idea on what's going on, Please read our Central Bank Management Trainee Exam - Practice Kit OK, enough beating around the bush. Below are the updated GK questions for 2018.

Economics and Banking

  1. How many Licensed Commercial Banks and Licensed Specialized Banks are in Sri Lanka?
  2. What is the law governing monetary policy of Sri Lanka?
  3. Which organization oversees the anti-money laundering activities in Sri Lanka?
  4. What’s the biggest superannuation fund in Sri Lanka
  5. What’s the Per capita income in 2016?
  6. What’s the economic growth rate in 2016?
  7. GDP in 2017 by USD billions?
  8. What’s the composition of the GDP?
  9. Inflation of Sri Lanka in 2016?
  10. Which ministry is responsible for economy related activities in Sri Lanka
  11. Government fiscal policy is handled by?
  12. How many members are there in the monetary board?
  13. What is the most used currency note in Sri Lanka?
  14. A new currency note of Rs. 1000 was issued in 2018 to celebrate? 
  15. Which organization provides financial support to solve Balance of Payment shortages?


  1. 25 LCBs and 7 LSBs (As at end of  2016)
  2. Monetary Law Act No. 58 of 1949 (MLA)
  3. Financial Intelligence Unit of Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  4. Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
  5. USD 3835
  6. 4.4
  7. USD billion 81.3
  8. Agriculture 7.1 , Services 56.5, Industries 26.2
  9. 4.2 (NCPI YoY)
  10. Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs
  11. Ministry of Finance
  12. 5 Members
  13. 20 Rupee note
  14. 70th Independence
  15. International Monetary Fund

Politics and Law

  1. Who has created the 1972 Constitution of Sri Lanka?
  2. In what period was the Donoughmore Constitution was in force?
  3. Who was the main advisor to the D. S. Senanayaka in drafting dominion constitution?
  4. How many ministers can be appointed in a provincial council?
  5. How many local authorities are in Sri Lanka?
  6. According to the 19th Amendment, how many Cabinet Ministers can be appointed?
  7. How many members are appointed to the constitutional council?
  8. What was the specialty of 13th amendment to the constitution?
  9. In which year the Sri Lankan got universal suffrage (right to vote)?
  10. Sri Lanka’s first governor?
  11. To what ministry does the Central Bank of Sri Lanka belongs according to the monetary law act?
  12. What’s the term of office of the President of Sri Lanka, According to the 19th amendment?
  13. Who is the opposition’s leader of the parliament of Sri Lanka?
  14. Who lead the investigation on Presidential Commission of Inquiry regarding the Treasury bond scandal?
  15. Who is the chairman of the election commission?


  1. Dr. Colvin R. de Silva
  2. 1931-1947
  3. Sir. Ivor Jennings
  4. 5, Including the chief minister
  5. 340
  6. 30 (there’s a provision,  if it is a unity government, then 45)
  7. 10 ( 7 from parliament and 3 eminent persons)
  8. Introducing provincial councils
  9. 1931
  10. Sir. Oliver Gunathilake
  11. Ministry of Finance
  12. 5 Years
  13. R Sampanthan
  14. Supreme court judges, KT Chithrasiri and PS Jayawardena and retired Deputy auditor general K.Velupillai
  15. Mahinda Deshapriya (Commissioner of Elections)

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