Writing a Good CV - A Format for Undergraduates and Fresh Graduates

I know that everyone is looking for a quick document to edit when preparing their CV and most of them are visiting knowlk to find a good CV format. So I thought of uploading a new CV format which can be used by both undergraduates and graduates. Chill! before you download and all read these quick tips to sharpen the document to your needs. It'll be short and quick.

If you haven't read my article Good CV Templates for University Students already. You should read it. 


There is no Universal CV Format

First you need to change the content to suit your need. The CV template provided is specifically prepared for a IT graduate. Since everyone who download this aren't looking for a job in field of ICT, you may have to remove or add some contents. For and example, the Portfolio section can be removed.

Know what you're applying for

If you're looking for an internship, the Work History section may be removed. Remember that you're looking for an internship. Not a job. On the other hand, If you're looking for a job you may need to emphasize on the work experience. So move it higher in order.

Don't Be too personal

I've seen some candidates include their NIC, Birthday etc in the CV. These details are absolutely unnecessary. If the employer needs your NIC, they'll explicitly ask for it.  And keep in mind that half-page full names are utter garbage. Just put your name with initials.

Finally, a CV printed in gold paper can't get you a job if you're not the right person. Good luck with your job hunting.

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