How To Shine at Your Interview

This an Example Guideline published in Millennium IT website about how they want you to act in their interview. Not all but most of them are common to any type of Industry whether it is Software/ IT or Human Resource Management.

1. Prepare in Advance
If you're reading this, then you already understand the importance of preparation. Here are a few more tips. Explore this site to get to know us better. If you're responding to a call for applications for
a particular post, read the job description carefully and try to think of what relevant questions you might be asked and how you might answer. Also, think about the questions you want to ask us - in fact, you may want to make a short list of them.

2. Get There on Time
Be sure exactly when and where the interview is scheduled. Make sure you know the way and aren't delayed by getting lost. This is especially important if you're coming to our Malabe campus for interview. Check the location map on the Contact page of this site; it may be best to scope out the territory beforehand. And, depending on your mode of transport and the time of day, leave between 30min. and one hour for travel from Colombo.

3. Bring the Documents
You'll want to bring along a copy of your application and CV, as well as your ID for presentation to our security officers (they will give you an internal pass in exchange; you must return it and retrieve your ID on the way out). You may also want to bring along a copy of the job description and any letters or certificates you think may be useful.

4. Keep It Casual, but Keep It Smart
At MillenniumIT, we're not big on ties and other corporate status-wear. You don't have to turn up for the interview dressed like you're going to a board meeting. On the other hand, we aren't slobs, and we aren't particularly keen on hiring slobs either.

5. How to Prepare for Phone Interviews
Sometimes, we interview prospective employees by telephone. In all cases, we inform the prospect beforehand. Prepare for the interview by making sure your phone line is free and there are no background noises. If it's a mobile, make sure you're some place with good coverage. Keep to hand the same documents you would take to a live interview, as well as a pen and paper to jot things down, including questions you might want to ask us.

6. At the Interview
Try to stay calm; we won't eat you. Answer questions directly and as concisely as you can; we aren't trying to trick you, either. Feel free to ask us questions, too. Remember that what you say and how you say it are about equally important at a job interview. For more tips on how to conduct yourself at an interview,

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