Energy Trilemma Index : Sri Lanka

The World Energy Council’s Energy Trilemma Index tool, produced in partnership with Oliver Wyman, ranks countries on their ability to provide sustainable energy through 3 dimensions: Energy security, Energy equity (accessibility and affordability), Environmental sustainability. The ranking measures overall performance in achieving a sustainable mix of policies and the balance score highlights how well a country manages the trade-offs of the Trilemma with "A" being the best. Use this interactive Index to assess the sustainability of national energy policies.

Where does Sri Lanka stands?

Sri Lanka is ranked 89th in the Index in year 2018. In 2016, the same index ranked Sri Lanka in 81st position. Although we have performed well in the environmental sustainability pillar (mostly due to the increased usage of renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power), we have significant losses in energy security and energy equity.

Way forward

Avoiding the expected energy shortage will be an urgent and important challenge for the country. According to the Long Term Generation Expansion Plan 2018-2037, prepared by the Ceylon Electricity Board, adequate plant additions of proper mix is envisioned to mitigate medium term and long term capacity and energy requirements of the country even during drought conditions.

In July 2016, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a loan of US$115m and US$3.8m in grants to improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply. This includes electrification of remote islands with renewable hybrid energy systems. The country currently has an electrification rate of around 99.3%, the only South Asian nation to have near 100% grid connectivity. In 2017, ADB approved a loan of US$200m to develop country's first 100 MW wind park and a US$ 50m loan to help fund rooftop solar power generation systems in Sri Lanka, to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the country's energy mix.

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