Three things that I have Learned from Working for a Multinational Company

When I started to write this, I was hoping to name this article "5 Things  that I have learnt" well, it seems, I haven't learned much. So here I am with three things.

It is Okay to be late.

If you're working in Sri Lanka, you know that, it is a serious offense to be late to work. But my experience with working in a multinational company which employed a diverse workforce all around the world is somewhat different. They don't care if you're late for punching your card at the morning. What they actually care is you sending correct order details at the required time to a customer. Be late for work, but don't be late for your tasks.

Say Thank You!

The single most valuable lesson that I've learned is to be humble. One day I saw my manager (who is a citizen of UK) saying a Thank you to the lady at the security desk. That was one of a kind. A thank you with a great smile. Suddenly, I'm in my mindpalace, stacking incidents that I said a Thank You with a frown face. Don't say Thank You for the sake of saying it. Just do it from the bottom of your heart.

You are NOT the BEST!

No matter what company you work for, this thought will keep you happy at workplace. Do not compare others with you and more importantly, don't criticize people for their incompetency. Always remember that if you can give judgments on people, so can they. I have seen some fellow workers say "I do more work than him" . At the very moment you let that thought into your mind, you'll start to think that you don't get appreciated. Simply, keep in mind that everyone work to their potential and you can be always replaced.

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