Taking DSLR like Photos in Your Smartphone

If you've heard of iPhones' Portrait mode, bokeh effect and similar jargon but you have no money to spend on DSLRs these are some tips you must check out. Photographs with bokeh effect (ones that taken with a blurred background) can be created in three ways.

1. Specific smartphones with duel lenses such as iPhone 7 plus, iPhone X, Oppo R11
2. Smartphones with relevant software (Google camera and pixel phones)
3. Apps that can be used to manually edit the photo (Afterfocus is a good app)

This guide is a combination of guides posted in the business insider and Google Blog You can snap great photographs using correct techniques and perfect conditions.

Image courtesy : Business Insider

1. Find great lighting.

In most cases, portrait mode refuses to work at all in low light, so you may not have a choice here. But either way, look for well-lit situations to test out the feature. 

2. Make sure the subject is actually in focus.

If your subject isn't sharp, it defeats the whole purpose of portrait mode. To make sure it's in focus, tap on the screen where you want the photo to be its sharpest. With phones that have a "live" version of portrait mode like the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X — instead of one that's created by software, like the Pixel 2 — you'll be able to see where the camera is focused in real-time.
Image courtesy : Google blog

3. Don't stand too close to the background.

Portrait mode works best when the camera and the phone's software can easily differentiate between the foreground and the background. When those two things are too close together, or too similar, portrait mode doesn't work as well.

Image courtesy : Google blog

4. Step closer to your subject — but not too close.

Portrait mode works best when you keep a little bit of distance between yourself and the subject — in fact, it's advised that you don't get closer than 19 inches.

5. Trust in Apps (exclusive knowlk tip)

There are number of good photo editing apps for your smartphone and they are not very famous since they don't deal with beautified selfies. The best photo editor you can find on android appstore is Snapseed and it is designed by the lord of the internet Google itself. I personally use this apps inbuit tutorials to create some stunning images.

Another app I've been using is Afterfocus which will create a lens blur photos in your low end smartphone. You can trust on these two apps. Below is a photograph of the Kanthale Tank-Sri Lanka Taken with a low end smartphone and edited with the Snapseed for your inspiration.

Kanthale Tank - Sri Lanka

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