Management Information Systems - Test Questions

Management Information Systems, a familiar but scary term especially if you're studying in faculty of management studies and commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. As you all know, it is known best for its' difficulty and the unfamiliar terms (If you are not a person who is fond of technology of course)

A typical mid semester examination on this will consists of a quiz which normally have 20 or 30 multiple choice questions to be answered within a period of hour or 30 minutes. Written paper we all get at the end of the semester is a nightmare itself. 

I have created two sets of Multiple Choice Questions that are more likely to be appear on your test. You can try these two sets from the below link. As there is "NO FREE LUNCH" You have to answer all the questions of the quiz to unwrap the correct answers. Yep, you heard it correct, at the end of the quiz you'll see the score and answers for the test. Happy answering.

SET 01


SET 02

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