E-business and E-commerce Management : Test Questions

Hello again. If you are studying in faculty of management studies and commerce of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, irrespective of the department or the degree program, you may find a difficult time (a very difficult time) understanding the concepts of E- business to face mid semester quiz on E-business.

Though it is not the best way, a quick look at a sample quiz will always bring you the fortune. In fact each and every questions that will be there on your moodle based quiz are present in the below sets of questions. No I'm not kidding. When I told my friends about the very same fortune back then, they were not very interested. Eventually I walked with score of 27 out of 30 (It took me only 9 minutes to complete the 40 minute quiz)

I have provided the access to 8 set of questions (each consists of 15 questions) from 4 chapters from the book "E-business and E-commerce Management:Strategy, Implementation and Practice" by Dave Chaffey. Try them several times, Be familiar with them. You can thank me later.

01. Introduction to E-business and E-commerce

02. Marketplace analysis for E-commerce

03. E-environment

04. E-business strategy

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