Find your Dream Job through Social Media

Social Media is a tool to interact with your friends, family or relatives also to follow your favorite Celebrities or fashion blogs. Recently Facebook announced its members count to 2 Billion. With this increase engagement of people with Social Media it became a good platform for advertising, so most of the companies started making investments on social media advertising.

Find your Job through social media

The same trend continued with the recruitment industry, so the Companies started advertising their Job Openings through their company pages, mainly in Facebook and LinkedIn which is a professional network where professionals interact in the platform to share knowledge and also to make job offerings and look out for jobs. Later when companies created pages on Facebook they started advertising the Job vacancies in an attractive manner, also the recruiters and Job portals created pages and advertised the vacancies for their clients. Especially Facebook groups were created for job seekers to get updates on new vacancies. can be considered as the pioneer in Social Media advertising for Job vacancies in Sri Lanka. They reach out to the right candidate through a filtering system in Social Media. Through this they can reach out to the candidates who are actively not looking for a job but might be a potential candidate to a company with a better offering. So, the usage of social media for jobs is an advantage for both companies and the Job seekers.

To find your Dream job through social media you just have to do is to follow the pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Now you don’t need to spend your free time searching for Jobs, you can find your Dream job while you are networking with your friends on social media.

by: Madura Uhangoda,

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