Networking, an Enterprise Solution

Year II Semester II
Contributor: Nirosh Shivantha

this report includes a case analysis which intended to get an design idea for a business organization. Designing a simple networked solution for a Branch of an overseas company is the scenario which discussed in the report.

1     Scenario. 2
2     Specifications and the Requirements of the network. 3
2.1      Requires following cables. 3
2.2      Required tools for making cables for the network. 4
2.3      Requirement for network wiring/cabling. 4
2.4      Other equipment and their precise specifications. 5
3     Suggestions and Recommendations. 5
3.1      Network topologies that can be used to design a suitable network. 5
3.2      Capacity of the Local area networks within floors. 6
3.3      Internet connection
3.4      The connectivity mechanism that can be used to maintain the connection between                 mother-company and the branch.

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