Manufacturing process of Uni-Dil Packaging Ltd

Year II Semester II
DSC 2322-Operations Management
Contributor : Asiri Dissanayaka

This Report is a group assignment fallen into the category of statistics Original report was prepared for a 30 marks task under the operation management subject (management common, 2nd year)  this report is prepared with the following abstract, 

Uni – Dil Packaging Ltd is an industry leader in Manufacturing corrugated cartons and paper sacks. They are the largest manufacturer of paper sacks for industrial packaging in Sri Lanka.They have more than two decades of experience in local packaging industry. We have chosen the Manufacturing process of Uni-Dil for our project.
The process starts with Marketing Department placing the order for Raw materials. Whole process undergoes fabrication, printing & assembly process in three different sections in the manufacturing plant.Their main strength is the ability to produce any kind of flute sizes with their existing machinery. It’s a big plus for them over the competitors. So they have a big variety of customers.The major weakness they face is having only one corrugator machine which is the lifeline of the manufacturing plant. It processes the Raw material to the paper sheets. As of the solutions for these weaknesses we recommend introducing medium scale corrugator machine as a backup to continue the operations without any disruption.
you can freely download the PDF document of the report and can be used to any educational purposes.

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