Into the Webs

Web developing is a term which is not out dating but indeed which changes its' definition time to time. The trends in Telecommunication industries changes rapidly as well as the trends in the ICT industry. These days we have some breathtaking technologies and some trends which are important to build the audience of a website. 
If you are reading this one you have definitely heard the word "SEO" or the Search Engine Optimization. Almost all the content writers are focused on this and most of them are using Google search engine which is not the owner of the 100%  market share of search enignes. As we can see there are several search engines which are making there way into the arena. Microsoft Bing is a famous search engine between US people and its already expanding its' market share which possibly overtake the baidu by end of 2015. Today we'll give you a full course on Microsoft Bing SEO , A fully Microsoft owned video lessons which are specially made for geeks. You can download the videos from below links.

Video 01 | Video 02 | Video 03 | Video 04

The next big thing is the most impressive tip of the post, "Responsive Web Designing". Tech giants like Google and Microsoft have already warned that the mobile template or the web interface which you are providing for the users of tablet computers and smartphones should be user friendly (Responsive) otherwise you wont get a chance to stand out.

If you are looking for a Responsive Web Designing guide then you are reading the correct article. You can simply view the google developers' course on responsive web design from here.

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