Production Process of Forever Skin Natural (pvt) Ltd

Year II Semester II
DSC 2322-Operations Management
Contributor : StudyLK
Selected to analyze a company which has a sounds background in Cosmetics industry in Sri Lanka which is a reputed company within Sri Lanka. The proprietor of the company was the most inspiring fact of the company. Forever was founded  in the year 2006 by Ms Chandhani Bandara, one of Sri Lanka's leading hair and beauty experts, forever is now one of Sri Lanka's largest herbal based cosmetics manufacturers. Backed by a strong and dedicated management team of professionals, forever was able to grow exponentially within a span of only six years. Currently, forever covers island wide distribution working seamlessly with its sales team with a product portfolio of over 70 products

 forever has now entered the international markets in Asia and Europe by introducing its own brand “forever Skin Naturals". With its state of the art production facility, it now offers OEM facilities to any persons or companies looking to get their cosmetics requirements manufactured under their own brand name. forever hopes to expand its product range even further, bringing about its new range of color based cosmetics products in the future.

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