Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Market analysis

Year II Semester I
Contributor : Nirosh Shivantha
Keywords: Mobitel, SWOT , PESTL, Telecom

Telecommunication is one of today's fastest growing industries. The Telecommunication industry is fairly new and has great potential for growth. It has long been a dream of many mobile phone users to combine the powerful and the basic operations of a mobile phone to a one particular product. Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel who holds the slogan “we care always” made their way into market by understanding the right needs of right customers.

Mobitel, a brand owned by the Sri Lanka Telecom PLC is a company which provide a service rather than a product, hence this report consists a deeper analysis about the market of the brand and I have arranged the report structure more simply and the complex topics have been expanded carefully  

1       Executive summary. 1
2       Company Background. 2
3       Current Market Situation
4       SWOT Analysis. 5
5       Objectives and issues
6       Marketing Strategy
7       Conclusion. 18

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